Become a Student Room Flat Partner

Reach thousands of students and help them with your products and services

Why to Become a Partner?

With Student Room Flat you can bring your company closer to our community of young globetrotters and join them in the first steps of what will be an international life! 

  • Connect with a community that wants to connect with you! Our members are craving to discover new cities, trendy spots in town and engage in new personal and professional quests and all they need is your company’s  input to make it happen!
  • Partner with a housing brand that cares. Student Room Flat truly cares about giving real life experiences more than a simple room to live in and our growing community of happy members proves that. We offer safe and exciting flatsharing and co-living housing for international students and trainees, and caring is our secret ingredient!
  • Our wins, are your wins! Student Room Flat has experienced an exponential growth over the last year, arriving to new locations every month! We have been inventing and reinventing ourselves, expanding our concept through Europe and connecting with new communities of tenants on a weekly basis. Our success is your success, and the more we grow, the more you grow!

What type of partners are we looking for right now?

Student Room Flat members look for deals that will not only easy up their daily life abroad, but also upgrade it!

If you have a business that will bring added value to our tenants’ experiences abroad just fill this  short  “Partnership Application” and let’s team up!

No matter if you are a big company, or a small business just opening doors, we focus only on the values we share, in which way we can help you and the good your concept can bring to our community of tenants. 

  • Co-working Spaces
  • Travel Companies
  • Career Opportunities 
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Fun and adventure 
  • Restaurants and Coffee Shops
  • Fashion and Clothing
  • Health
  • Others

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