Experience the real Prague – from a local’s perspective!



ALTERNATIVE PRAGUE TOURS is providing unique off the beaten track walking tours and street art workshops with focus on local urban culture since 2012. With first-hand local knowledge, we developed Prague’s first graffiti and street art tour, which explains recent history and its impact on today’s happenings as well as Prague’s unique street art and culture.

·       What moves Alternative Prague Tours?

With more than 10 million tourists visiting Prague every year, this city is turning into a rock ‘n roll version of Disneyland. Sometimes it’s hard for us to watch this happening in the city where we grew up and live. We are a collective of well-known artists and local creatives who are considered some of the foremost experts in Prague’s street art scene and local urban culture. We’re deeply rooted in the community, producing many of the murals you’ll see on our tours, exhibiting the artists’ work, sitting in at the independent pubs, bars, and cultural spots you may visit. In our opinion, travelling should not only be about taking cute selfies and getting shitfaced with other tourists in tourist bars. By doing so, you might miss discovering the true culture of a city, meeting its locals, understanding their culture, supporting their local businesses, and understanding the issues society is facing today. To gain a deeper understanding of society and get to the bottom of things, exploring art and meeting new people has always been the most fun and honest way. Don’t miss the opportunity to truly discover the Czech capital and book the next tour with us. We guarantee that this experience will be something to remember 😉

·        Surprise yourself 

Our 3-hour alternative walking tour of Prague is a story of two distinct neighborhoods; Karlín and Holešovice. Join us as we explore both neighborhoods and their edgy sense of freedom and creativity, with a grittiness you won’t find in the downtown core.


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