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Bite my Lunch

Healthy and fresh lunchboxes



What is Bite my Lunch?

Bite my Lunch is a healthy food company that operates in more than 20 cities in Portugal. In Porto we deliver delicious and nutritious meals for lunch/dinner and also have a weekly pack that you can buy with 10% off! Vegan, vegetarian and keto options included!

·         Porto service, city center and surroundings

Daily: We deliver fresh daily (from monday to friday until 9:00 am) meals with free delivery. The pack includes the meal, soup/dessert and water.
Weekly: Choose at least 5 meals of our menu (between monday and thursday) and we deliver all at the same time (sunday) for you to refrigerate or freeze.

·       Lisbon service

Weekly: Choose at least 10 meals of our menu and we deliver all at the same time for you to refrigerate or freeze with only 3,50€ of shipping cost.

·       Fresh and homemade taste

Healthy and balanced food just like homemade! Complement your pack with different options of sides and drinks.



Discount for SRF Members

Bite my Lunch  offers you a special 10% discount for Daily and Weekly options. Please use your SRF Member Card at the checkout.


How to Apply the Discount

In order to claim your special 10% discount on online purchases, please apply the following discount code BMLSRF  at the checkout. Or you can present your valid SRF Member Card at the stage of payment in order to have the reduced price.


Discount Conditions

  • The discount can only be used by SRF members with a valid SRF Member Card.
  • You can use this discount as many times as you wish.
  • The 10% discount is offered to all SRF card members for only purchases on Daily and Weekly products.
  • The discounts are non-cumulative.


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