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Concept Store EARLYMADE

A multi brand concept store and art gallery since 2016 


Made worldwildely here

Founded and imagined by the two maverick siblings Patrícia Sousa and Emanuel de Sousa, EARLYMADE is located in the most trendy artsy neighbourhood neighbourhood in Porto, Cedofeita, surrounded by art galleries, artist’s studios and other concept stores. The cutting-edge space designed by Emanuel combines a multi-brand concept store, art residency and exhibition spaces right in the epicentre of the Bombarda Art District.

·         Old is the new new

Beyond brands and seasonal collections, we buy clothes  that will last longer than the trends. The motto is simple:  Buy less. Buy Better. Wear it out. Be older. Buy clothes  today that you will want to wear tomorrow or in a decade.  If it still works, wear it and match new and old pieces.

·         In great Portuguese style 

The EARLYMADE  space houses and offers an array of high quality items from fashion to furniture, from books and magazines to stationary, most of themsomehow made worldwildely here, in Portugal.An underlying criteria orienting the curatorial project, namely in terms of labelsand collections selection, would be a search for exclusivity, but also thestrong contemporary and unique signature styles, the rework of tradition as an ethos, the attention to details, and ultimately, theclose relation of these brands and products with Portugal, namely using Portuguese materials, know-how and/or localproduction in most cases.

·          Artistic events 

The multi-functional space in EARLYMADE  also offers exhibitions spaces along with two working studios for ArtistResidencies, come appreciate this especial blend of fashion and art.



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