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Make Your Move with Eurosender


What is Eurosender?

Eurosender is a modern digital platform that combines advanced automation capabilities and provides instant access to global shipping services. Eurosender partnerships are dedicated to non-governmental organizations, influencers, bloggers, student groups, tech blog, removals, start-ups etc. Our door to door services are extremely accretive and it can be easily be promoted. Our prices are instantly available online and the booking process takes less than 2 min.  

·         Removals 

Book your dedicated Van in 2 minutes. Eurosender offers safe and affordable expat relocation solutions for people moving abroad for a job, volunteering, travelling, or any other reason. Get free quotes with the most reliable couriers and save on costs when moving overseas.  

·         Standard shipping/travelers/students

Do you want to completely break free from the chains of heavy and clumsy luggage while travelling? Use Eurosender to ship your stuff directly to or from your destination and become as flexible as it gets.  

·          Travellers 

Is your luggage big enough for the life of an adventurous traveller? If you have doubts, do not worry. Our partner Eurosender can help you ship your stuff while being budget-friendly. 



Discount for SRF Members

Eusender offers you a special 15% discount when sending your luggage or package with the standard shipping! This way you can make your moving way easier and safer.




How to Apply the Discount

As a SRF Member you should apply the following discount code SRF15 on Eurosender’s website during the stage of payment in order to send your package or luggage abroad at a special price.



Discount Conditions

This discount can only be used by SRF members with a valid SRF Member Card.

You can use this discount as many times as you wish.

You still don’t have your SRF Member Card? Grab it here!