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Fish Surf School

The ocean is our home

What is Fish Surf School?

Fish Surf School – Matosinhos and Porto Surf Camps, Rentals & Tours was born 13 years ago from the true love for the sea and surf and now pay a sincere tribute to the local history and culture.  The base is in Matosinhos, just attached to Porto, a land with the tradition of the sea, fish and fishermen, where the sun makes presence quite often and you have all the semester to make the surf classes.

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Fish Surf School offers a personalized teaching model, developed by the school, adjusted to the individual needs of each student. We assume the mission of offering a teaching of proximity and quality, where we see students as unique individuals and as such they need the teaching methodology to be developed according to their individual objectives.

·         Trusted services

The school and instructors are certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation. The coaches are constantly informed about the best conditions and choose the time of day and the ideal beach for teaching surfing. The technical team is composed of coaches licensed in Physical Education and Sport, monitors accredited by FPS, with extensive experience in teaching children and young people in various sports. The Fish Surf School has mandatory personal accident and liability insurance, as well as a license from the Captaincy of the Port of Leixões. And yet, a maritime-tourist activity permit issued by Turismo de Portugal and a Vacation Permit from the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth.

·         Keep on mind

All the surf gear is included, but do not forget your towel bikini/swimsuit/swimwear and sunscreen.



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