Kit Keeper, student storage and shipping

Kit Keeper is a leading student storage and shipping company making storing and moving your stuff easy, convenient and affordable. Simply book online and Kit Keeper takes care of the rest.




About the benefits :

– Easy: Simple and quick booking system.
– Convenient:  Kit Keeper collects and delivers from and to any address on the date you want
– Affordable: You pay for the items you store for the length of time they are in storage
– Flexible: They understand things change. Let them know and they will sort it.
– Peace of Mind: Your items will be stored in a dry, secure and safe storage facility monitored by CCTV


How it works :

  • All-inclusive service: Kit Keeper arrange for boxes to be sent to you, collected for shipping or storage, and then redelivered at your request.
  • Free collection: Collection of all boxes is free.
  • Manage Orders: All orders can be managed from your online account.
  • Label Creation:  They create and apply the unique labels to your boxes to help tracking and storage.
  • Full tracking System: You can track the collection and delivery of your boxes from your online account or by contacting their customer service team.
  • Free Compensation Cover: Each box is covered up to £100 for free. Extra compensation cover can be purchased for a small fee.


Discount for SRF Members

Kit Keeper offers you a special 10% discount when using the SRF10. 


How to Apply the Discount


As a SRF Member you should apply the following discount code SRF10 on Kit Keeper website during the stage of payment in order to send your package or luggage abroad at a special price.


Discount Conditions

  • The discount can only be used by SRF members with a valid SRF Member Card.
  • You can use this discount as many times as you wish.
  • The discounts are non-cumulative.


You still don’t have your SRF Member Card? Grab it here!