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Linh Vegan Corner

A magical Vegan Corner with family vibes in the heart of Prague


What is Linh Vegan Corner?


·         The Restaurant

Located on  Jungmannova street, Linh Vegan Corner is a cosy place in the heart of Prague 1.  A little world of Vegan dishes from multiple cuisines, but with equal amounts of love in them. Every meal is “a touch of mom”. The meal has its own nationality, soul, journey and story.

Home Made. Love Made. Soul Made. Spirit Made.

·         The Menu


·          The chef

Linh is a Vietnamese name, it means “soul”, “spirit” and “it came true”. So, may you come home to yourself. May your soul find peace. May your spirit shine bright, bold and brave. May all your wishes, dreams and manifestations come true.


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