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Coffice Prague

Coffee service, coworking space and social life


What is Coffice Prague?

Coffice Prague offers internet coffee service, coworking space and a social complex all in one. A working environment during the day and social activities full of fun during the evening. Unlimited coffee and tea or sitting on the couch and listening to nice music, reading a book (thousand of them available) or playing the piano, this is just a shortlist of what you can experience.


·         Coworking Space

Fast internet, comfortable desks, study room, meeting room and everything you need for studying or work. Last but not least, the approach to visitors is very good and they can speak fluent English, Spanish or Portuguese.

·         Internet cafe per hour

You do not pay for coffee or tea, but for the hours you spend there. In exchange for that, you will get unlimited coffee or tea.

·          Socializing space

Coffice is a place where you can work during the day and after-work you can have a social (and informal) interaction between all the visitors. The events are not just for coworkers, so basically the place when the sun goes down looks more like a normal bar or pub, with public access and where you can meet locals, expats, travelers, digital nomads, and anyone who wishes to come. Our events are Language Exchange, Meetups, Live Music, Art Exhibitions, Cinema nights, and the list never ends.

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