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REGUS! Office space, Your way.


Regus helps businesses in finding the right way to work by offering a flexible solution for an office space. They create bright, inspiring workspaces that can be customized to individual needs within consistently professional environments. Their office space, coworking environments, business lounges, and meeting rooms come with everything taken care of.

Their extensive network of locations enables companies of all sizes to work wherever and however they need.



With a large portfolio of office spaces, Regus offers a chance for anyone to choose a space that’ll answer to what THEY need, nothing more, nothing less. From location, building, size of the office etc… Regus gives you more than enough choices!


Discount for SRF Members

Regus offers a 5% discount on all their service. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work in the optimal environment and conditions!

Bureaux à Louer à Londres | Regus

How to Apply the Discount


In order to claim your 5% discount, please contact our partnership department: partnership@student-room-flat.com



Discount Conditions


  • The discount can only be used by SRF members with a valid SRF Member Card.
  • You can use this discount as many times as you wish.

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