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Rosa et al. Townhouse

Award-winning 19th century townhouse in the arts district of Porto


A delicate balance of sophisticated warmth

The 7-suite luxury Rosa et al. Townhouse stands with the best brunch in town since 2012 and  its contemporary design with the original old identity of the house in a beautiful and apparent vintage and retro way. The nice environment of Rosa et al. is an extension of the Cedofeita neighborhood, made just inspired by its people. The famous Rosa et al. brunch is made with seasonal and local slow food, gathered from lovely local suppliers and
skillfully prepared by our fabulous team. Don’t miss the townhouse kitchen deli goods with bakery, natural wines and fresh local farm produce!


·     The art district of Cedofeita

Surrounded by an artistic community, Cedofeita is also known as the Bombarda art district, because of Miguel Bombarda Street, an active art scene with art galleries, shop stores, restaurants and entertainment made by creative people inspired by culture and arts. Get nicely surprised with the best design products made in Portugal, the most precious beautiful handcraft and art pieces. Jus eclectic as its people, the modern architecture buildings divides the landscape with traditional landmarks including the Church of Cedofeita, the Mouzinho de Albuquerque Plaza and the Oliveira’s Fountain.

·     Indulge your body and soul in Rosa et al. Townhouse Spa

Tailor-made spa treatments awaits you from a range of aromatherapy, rose baths to yoga or deep tissue bamboo massage. Highly skilled professional therapists can banish stress and tension to help you indulge in the health and wellness you need by using wild-crafted, natural and organic ingredients, all devoted to your skin and senses and to working in harmony with the environment. Discover the unique treatments of aromatherapy, oriental therapies, signature rituals, healing packs.

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